We bring your vision to life.

Serving artists with great songs in New York City. 




New to the production process? We'll guide you every step of the way while ensuring commercially viable finished products that meet our high standard of excellence. And we'll deliver on or under budget every time. 


Dave and Becky have over 40 years of combined songwriting experience with hundreds of songs written in a wide range of genres and styles. We're comfortable working with timelines and enjoy working on co-writes. 


Maybe you're not a classically trained musician but you have some rough ideas, a finished song or even just a vision. Enlist our help to compose and arrange the song, EP or album. We  work closely with you to compose the types of songs you want to sing. 


Creating the music is the fun part but in order to get your music heard there's quite a bit of work that needs to be done. And the timing of that work is crucial as it relates to the release of new music. We'll make sure the right people hear your music at the right time.


Mode of Motion utilizes a total of 3 separate home studio spaces during the production process. We'll often track instrumentals at Becky's studio, vocals at Dave's and handle the mixing and mastering at Michael's studio in Portland Maine. 


Need to start booking shows in the tri-state area? Let us take that on for you. We have existing relationships with prominent venues in NYC and will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal. 


Michael McInnis, our engineering partner in Portland Maine will mix, master or mix AND master your tracks and records. We also have a relationship with Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine and can help you schedule a mastering session with them if you choose. 


The importance of your brand cannot be overstated. Without a strong brand and compelling narrative, people won't be compelled to spend money with you. Becky has over 10 years of experience in branding and can help you craft your story and marketing materials, including websites and other visual and digital content.

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